Orchestrating your IoT Enabled™ Devices, with Security, Privacy and Reliability... Built In!

01 What

Like ‘cloud’, IoT is one of those terms that everyone uses, but few can agree on a universal definition.  At IoTango, we’ve agreed on the following: The Internet of Things is the collection of objects on the Internet that humans rely on to make their lives easier.  Our mission is to orchestrate the IoT’s devices for our human users so they can get on with more interesting things than managing their devices!


02 Why

We lived in Silicon Valley, but had rental properties in India and Canada. We obviously couldn’t just drop by after work to check on them.  Since we worked in technology, we figured we could apply our skills and buy the technology we needed to monitor our property.  It was much more difficult than we thought. While the technology existed, use cases were extremely limited. And expensive. And unreliable.


03 Who

We don’t have a CEO. We have many.  All internal collaborators are CEOs. Really. Some are ‘Chief Experience Officer’ or ‘Chief Engineering Officer’. We have no employees.  We have collaborators, because we’re all working on solving really tough problems!